We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a supplier of Electrical and Mechanical Equipments (Distributor, Agent, Importer and Service) and Manufacturer of the Polymer Fitting Material. The ranges of Products are as follows. Electrical Equipment

  • Mechanical Equipment according to ANSI, ASTM, AWWA, BS, DIN, JIS, TIS, ...
  • Service Team
    •  Welding and Installation for PB, PE (LD,HD), PP, PVDF
  • Production of Polymer Material such as HDPE, PP,PS,PVC,...
    • Stubend
    • Backing Ring according to your standard such as ANSI, JIS, DIN,…, etc
    • Stud Bolt and Nut
    • Reducer
    • Saddle Clamp
    • Fabrication Fitting such as Elbow (for Every Angle), Tee, TY (for every angle), Y (for every angle), and special fitting such as cross (4 ways),etc.
    • Polymer Tank such as HDPE tank, PP tank
  • Other 

We shall pleased to hear from you and look forward to an opportunity to serve you in the near future. 

For further details, please contact I.P. Group , Attn: Khun Somnuek.


You’re faithfully,

Somnuek Sukjitnitayakarn.


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